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Flight Rig is a hybrid all tube pre-amp with a solid-state power amp in a lighter rack design ideal to travel with. After doing R&D with touring artist, if was found that modern tour schedule have increasing Fly dates to festivals, casino’s & cruise ships that generate clusters of road shows around the country and artist are now relying more on venue provided equipment only traveling with floorboards systems and lightweight Profiler/modeling amps. As an alternative Dynamo Designed the Flight Rig to provide a true analog tube tone with a 2 channel GTS preamp running four 12Ax7 Tubes at full plate voltage, Mil-Spec RV4 Control pots, Audiophile grade components for extreme definition and warmth, and an integrated Sonic Enhancer circuit for Presence and depth control. The power amp is 100w and features a high-current feedback transistor design that shares tonal properties and speaker reaction of a Power Tube output for the Ultimate tone.


  • 100w output from Current Feedback Solid-State power

  • 2 channel design Lead  and Clean/Crunch

  • Dual EQ Design for Lead and Clean Channels

  • Four 12AX7 pre-amp tubes

  • 100% Mil-Spec Pre amp circuit designed with Audiophile Grade and SOZO signal capacitors with 1 watt Metal film 1% tol resistors.

  • Slave Line out

  • 120v Input Custom Toroidal Power Transformers

  • ¼ jack speaker output jack

  • Single button Footswitch for channel select

  • Dimensions  3U 19"Rack, 17" W x 5.25" H x 12" D

  • Weight- 27lbs.

  • 5 Year Warranty

100w $TBA
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