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June 15, 2023

Dynamo Amplification known for High Power and High gain guitar amplifiers is proud to release its first of a new line of Bass Amplifiers, The GT BASS. This is a 300w all tube Bass Guitar head powered by 4 KT-150 Power tubes and 3 12AX7 Pre-Amp tubes and is Hand Built in TEXAS. It features a simplistic classic design with massive power that will push an 810 cabinet to pure thunder. This amp provides a warm, precise, and transparent tone with unmatched clarity thanks to being built around premium Mundorf and Takman Audiophile grade components, Toroidal transformers, and Mil-Spec control pots. Like the 200w Dynamo GTS Guitar amplifiers that first debut in 2011 NAMM show, the GT BASS carries over DNA in its design for power and clarity but driven by a F-2b/1x style tube pre-amp with a classic TMB circuit after listening to input from a variety of Bass Players to build the ultimate Bass rig. This amp is only the Ice breaker into Building Bass Guitar amplifiers as Dynamo is currently working a medium sized Hybrid Tube/SST and a Class D micro amplifier to come later this year.

 The GT BASS is being premiered with a High powered 2x12 speaker cab built around a dual internal passive 12” Bass radiator that increases the output by 6dB and utilizing a pair of 600w FaitalPro 12” Neodymium drivers and tweeter for a rating of 1200w. This 2x12 cab has amazing studio like detail and you can feel the air move. Other Speaker configurations are soon going to be available in 810, 610, 210, and 115 cabinets.


The GT BASS Amp will debut at price of $2799. Dimensions 23.75”W x 11.25”H x 14.5”D. Weight 70 lbs

The GT BASS 212 will debut at price of $1299. Dimensions 24”W x 37”H x 16” D. Weight 115 lbs

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