Help Dynamo Start Selling through Dealers!!

We are raising funds to build a new line of amplifiers and inventory to support 15 Dealers around USA and we need your support due to the high risk and length of return on Payment from dealers that can be up to 6 month or longer.



Hello my name is Ervin Williams and I am the Owner and Designer of Dynamo Amplification. I've been Building custom guitar amps for over 10 years now and It has recently come to my attention that I may be the first and only Black American Guitar amps builder in the industry. I've searched High and low and found few collaborators but no actual builders. Michael Astley-Brown the Editor-in-Cheif of Guitar World Magazine and his staff confirmed that they have no knowledge of any others in the industry. With all that has gone on during the last year with racism and stereotyping/profiling, I am now coming out to standing proud and stand tall in support of Black owned Businesses.