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This amp was honestly designed for the Hair Metal Era when the signature sound was cramming overdrive pedals into a modified JCM800 until it explodes. The gain structure is almost fixed to perfection for playing all your favorite 80’s style music and it still blows away any modern styles. Nicknamed the Bedroom Warrior the M50X still gives a balls to the wall tone at a respectable volume to not disturb the family and neighbors. Many hardcore head bangers spend 99% of their time playing only the lead channel, so this amp was designed to be a single channel amp allowing more tone in the circuit and is an excellent weapon of choice for nailing solos in the recording studio.


  • 50w output from 2 x EL-34 power tubes

  • Four 12AX7 pre-amp tubes

  • Single Super Overdrive Channel 100% Mil-Spec Pre amp circuit Hand-Wired PTP Turret board, designed with SoZo signal capacitors and Takman 1 watt carbon film audio resistors.

  • Mercury Magnetic Power & Output transformers

  • Laser cut 1.5mm Steel chassis

  • Custom hand crafted cabinet with ¾” Birch construction and Custom tri-stripe Tolex covering.

  • 120 Voltage, (other voltages optional) Dimensions – 24" W x 10.25" H x 8" D

  • Weight- 38 lbs. 

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