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Dynamo was started in 2009 by Progressive Metal Guitarist/Engineer Ervin Williams from a concept in the recording studio to use small hi power 1x12 ported enclosure loaded with a 300w EVM speaker to handle a high level of power from a 100w head. This tone weapon was so effective in recording a monster wall of sound to a large diaphragm microphone, we wanted to build a 2x12 version to use live on stage and as a compact solution for tight spaces and limited transportation room. To effectively push a pair of 300w speakers we needed a higher power amp so we started R&D to design a high gain 2-channel JCM800 based super lead with a 200w power section. After 2 years of development, Dynamo dropped a 200w TONE BOMB and quickly attracted a lot of attention from major artist, touring professionals, and made a major impact in the industry.

Each Dynamo amplifier is hand built one at a time in North Texas with the finest components and materials available. We evaluated every single component in designing an amp to find better technology to explore new levels of tone to enhance the classic tone we already love. We use audiophile grade components that can cost up to 10 times the price of standard grade components. The result is greater sonic clarity and definition, lush tones, better sustain, more responsiveness, and lower noise. We use Toroidal Power transformers on most of our models and they provide a cleaner and more efficient power supply that runs cooler, less noise, and greater peak power. A minimum of twenty-seven man hours goes into each amp to assemble, hand solder, hand wire, and test each unit. The chassis is manufactured locally at a CNC water jet facility and then welded, powder coated, and silkscreened. The Cabinets are either built in-house or by local custom cabinet mill. Each amp is covered by a lifetime warranty for workmanship and defects.
To Order and Lead Time
The general lead-time for most custom amp builders is 8-12 weeks and sometimes longer, and for that reason they usually require a 50% deposit until your amp is ready. Here at Dynamo we try to anticipate and preorder our longest lead time custom made components (usually Transformers) to have them on hand or in production to reduce the typical build time down to 3 to 5 weeks.  For this reason we request full payment via our online store and within 72 hours of your order, all components are allocated and ordered to immediately start production on your amplifier. Should any custom components be backordered or we do special custom shop jobs such as European voltage units, we will then require a 50% deposit and allow up to 10-12 week turnaround with balance due when completed.
Lifetime Warranty
Dynamo Amps come with a Lifetime Warranty to the Original Owner non-transferable. The Warranty covers repairs back to original working condition due to failure or defects due to workmanship and components. It excludes shipping charges to and from our repair facility. This warranty excludes wear & tear, Abuse, shock & impact damaged cause by falling or improper transporting (handling/ shipping), vacuum tubes, damage cause by failed vacuum tubes or using incorrect replacement tubes, damage cause by blown speakers or improper speaker load or lack there of, Physical damage (such as liquids, moisture, or other foreign substances), electrical damage cause by operating from incorrect power voltage, damage cause by severe power surge, lightning strikes, or local inside wire electrical faults, any modifications or attempted repairs by anyone other than Dynamo authorized service facility or technician.
Dynamo Amplification reserve the right to suspend warranty or service to any unit in our opinion that has been abuse, damaged in anyway specified that is excluded of warranty, modified, or improperly serviced by unauthorized personnel. We reserve the right to substitute components of equal or improved quality for repairs when necessary.
Units being returned for service must be pre-authorized by Dynamo Amplification. An RA number must be provided by us, and must appear on the exterior of the package or we reserve the right to refuse the package upon receipt. A copy of the bill of sale/invoice must be provided. COD's of any kind will not be accepted. Please contact us to obtain an RA Number.
Non Warranty Service:
Units being returned for service that are not covered under warranty will be serviced at the current bench rate in effect at the time of repair plus parts required and any applicable sales tax. Amp owner is responsible for all shipping charges.
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