$1,299  (600w) w/FANE Medusa 150


$1,499 (800w) w/FANE Axiom 12L


$1,499 (1,200w) w/EVM 12L Black Label

GT  412

The GT 412 is rated at 600w RMS and comes loaded standard with Fane Medusa 150 speakers that give this cabinet a very clear British tone that has a smooth low end and midrange with a very detailed and brilliant high end that is not brittle unlike the other vintage speaker most commonly used. We do offer other speaker options including the higher power  200w Fane Axiom 12L which is a British version of the EV speakers we use in the GTS cab. 


The GT 412 cabinet is constructed using 3/4" premium birch ply. All edge joints are created with half-blind dovetails, one of the strongest wood joints on the planet. The tolex covering is a tri-stripe levant design hand laid with small gold piping to give that cabinet a very unique classic yet GT styling. Other tolex covering colors and configuration are available as an option including exotic faux crocodile, alligator, ostrich, and snake patterns. The front features a Salt & Pepper Grill Cloth and medium gold piping. The back is a solid lavant covering 3/4" panel secured with 16 screw to allow access to the rear mounted speakers. The cab has removable push in casters (FANE Axiom 12L and EVM 12L cabs get upgraded 3" removable casters)and all steel handles and a recessed steel jack plate. The GT cab is wired with Mogami premium Cable and Neutrik connectors.


The GT 412 cab has a built in speaker emulator XLR mic output by Tube Amp Doctor using F.A.N.T.A (Frequency Adapted Natural Tone Accessory). This allow you to run a direct line from the cab to a mixing board without using a microphone and get a fat amazing mic cabinet tone captured from the speaker output of your amp. We discover on an Ozzfest tour that by using a mic speaker emulator, you can get 95% of the tone quality you would get in a recording studio using proper mic technique but with a simple plug in of the XLR compared to mix bag you get when the sound tech quickly slaps a mic on your cab during a 10 minute set change. This way you can control your tone to be 95% of the perfect studio tone 100% of the time and when you combine the emulated output with an actual mic and blend them on a mixing board or in a recording studio, it will give the ultimate tone quality to tape or over the main concert system arrays. 

  • Power RMS: 600w

  • Impedance : 8 ohms 

  • Speakers: Fane Medusa 150  12" x 4

  • XLR emulated mic speaker output

  • Size: 30H x 30W x 14D

  • Weight: 97 lbs

  • Available in Slant or Straight

Nuetrik Speakon 1/4" Combo Jack

XLR Mic output Tube Amp Doctor F.A.N.T.A Cabinet Emulator eliminates the need for a microphone